Khaza ~Fried Sweet Snack

Chhattisgarh cuisine uses many foods not found in the rest of India, although the staple food is rice, like in much of the country. Many Chhattisgarhi people drink liquor brewed from the a pecil flower Mahwa.The tribal people of the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh eat whatever is available: mushrooms, squirrels , bamboo pickle, bamboo vegetable .The special delicacies like jalebi , petha ,Rakhia badi, khaza , etc. are the famous sweet delectables of the state. I prepared this mouth watering khaza from here and enjoyed the lip smacking sweet of the state. So let’s start the recipe .yum



1 cup All purpose flour/maida
2 tablespoon oil,
water as required
1 cup sugar
2 green cardamom

Sift the all purpose flour in a bowl .Add oil and hot water and make soft dough from it. Let it rest for 2 hours.
Make small balls of dough , dust one dough with dry flour and roll it into a round circle.
Now cut the round circle in horizontally into 4-5 columns and fold each column about 3-4 times . Press the corner .

Heat oil in wok . Deep fry the khaza pieces till golden and crispy from both sides.
Drain khaza pieces paper towel.
Boil 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar with 2 cardamom, let it cook till thick .
Remove the syrup from heat and drop the fried khaza in it. Drain and serve warm.
Enjoy the mouth melting khaza.
Serve-6. (About 20-30 pieces) Cooking time-25 minutes

7 responses to “Khaza ~Fried Sweet Snack

  1. Last year, I was on an Indian culinary journey trying out at least one or a few recipes from each Indian state. One of the states that I had difficulties finding recipes for online was Chhattisgarh. I eventually found a recipe for bhindi kadhi that was supposed to be a chhattisgarh specialty and made it. I am happy to see another chhattisgarh specialty now. The khaza looks delicious, Sapana :)

  2. Looks really good!!

  3. Hi again Sapana, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Team readership award – Have a lovely day!

  4. Hello Sapana,

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  5. This is a famous sweet in andhra and it’s my favourite:) Looks delicious:)
    Hope to see you sometime soon in my space:)

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