Rainbow Delight

A refreshing and healthy combination of seasonal fruits , ice cream and tutti Fruti. Enjoy it any day in the summers and you are gonna love it. So let’s start the recipe . Yum


1 packet vanilla ice cream
1 cup mixed fruits (strawberry , apple , orange , mango , grapes , kiwi, raspberries etc. )
1 tablespoon tutti fruti
1 tablespoon sugar sprinkles
1 tablespoon orange crush

Roughly chop the fruits.
Take 6 serving bowls ready.
Scoop on or two ladles of vanilla ice cream in each serving bowl.
Add the mixed fruits equally in the bowls.
Sprinkle tutti fruiti , orange crush and sugar sprinkles in each bowl.
Serve immediately.

Serve-6. Preparation time-10 minutes


One response to “Rainbow Delight

  1. Hi Sapna, Just so refreshing and yum especially during the summer!!

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